Who Is This Guy?

They say you’re supposed to have an about page so people can care about the guy writing the blog. But I kind of feel like if I really focus on me you won’t be all that interested, so I’m going to steal some other guy’s life and write that here.

Well shoot, now that I’ve told you that, you aren’t going to believe it. So what I’m going to do is post a little game that I have played so much in the course of my job working on college campuses. It’s called two truths and a lie. Here’s how the game works, I tell you three stories about me, two of them are the truth and one of them is a lie. You have to guess which one is the lie:

  1. I’m the proud parent of a crazy, rambunctious yet lazy dog who won’t leave my side. His name is Homer, a black lab/Australian shepherd mix. I got him from an animal rescue and he already had the name Homer, before I adopted him. They said he had a brother named Bart. You can figure out from there where the name came from. I was told that I could change his name, but he had been going by that name for over two years, so there was no way I was changing it. I mean seriously, would I want someone to change my name just so I could live with them. Well, I mean if someone wants to start calling me Mr. Julianne Moore or Mr. Nicole Kidman, I may rethink that. But for right now I’m sticking with the name I was given at birth and so is Homer. When he is in trouble he is called Homer Cashius. I did give him the middle name Cashius, after his older brother Cash, who I lost to the rainbow bridge five months before this guy rescued me. When I’m loving on him he is Holmes, anyone want to guess who that is after?
  2. I was a theatre geek in High School. But not like on the show Glee. For one thing I don’t ever remember anyone in my high school just breaking out in song, and I think if they had it would have really been weird. And when I was in high school times were different. Bullying wasn’t a cause celebre. I’m sure there was some of that going on, but we all just did our own thing and got along just fine. Also our parents back then were our parents, never our best friends. A concept that is a trend today that I just don’t understand. After high school, I went to college, originally as a business major so that my parents were happy, but I knew I wanted to major in theatre. By the end of my first semester I switched to theatre. By the end of my second semester the college dropped their theatre major. Yeah that’s right, BOO HISS! They kept the theatre faculty around for another year and in one year I got all my theatre classes in so I could be the last graduate from there with a theatre major! That was the easiest year of college for me. The classes were intense, but I was doing what I loved. After that I had time to get involved in other stuff like being an RA and working with Student Activities. After college I didn’t get into my first choice of grad school so I decided to just work in colleges the rest of my life. So that’s what I do. I eventually got a master’s degree in College Student Personnel. If you worked on any of my staff you know that I believe in the idea of education through entertainment and I’m always requiring them to watch movies and apply the themes to their lives in college. You’d be surprised how easy it really is. And if you were on my staff, I still say Rachel Getting Married is a really good movie with great life lessons.
  3. When I was just one year old my parents were killed by an evil wizard who was trying to take over the world. I was taken to live with my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon and their rotund little boy Dudley. I was forced to live in the cupboard under the stairs unaware that I was actually a wizard. When I was eleven I found out the truth about my parents and went to a special school for wizards where I met my best friends, Ron and Hermione. I eventually saved the world, a lot. Just like that Vampire Slayer in Sunnydale. I even kind of died like her but came back to life. I eventually married Ginny, the sister of my best friend Ron and had two little brats, I mean kids, of my own. I’m a very powerful wizard and currently work for the Ministry of Magic.

I know it’s hard to figure out which one is the lie, so I’m going to give you a few extra hints.

  1. I have three older sisters and an older brother.  I love all of them dearly, and at times even like them.
  2. I also have eight nephews, four nieces, three great nephews and two great nieces. I love and like all of them.
  3. I graduated from College when I was 21 but lived on a college campus until I was 36, with only one year off.
  4. I’ve lived in Illinois, North Dakota and Arkansas.  Don’t ask me which one I like best.  They each had great things about them and things I don’t like.  One thing I really don’t like about North Dakota and Arkansas is that they just can’t embrace diversity, not that Illinois is completely there.
  5. Some people think I’m a bleeding heart liberal, but I don’t think I am.  Mainly because if I hadn’t had heart problems when I was in my thirties I would question that whole having a heart thing.
  6. I have read the Harry Potter series at least 10 times.  Some books more than others.

If you want to know about why I blog, besides the fact that I love all things entertainment, I might suggest reading my very first post called “So What’s this Whole Blog Thing About?” that was posted on Feb, 25, 2015,


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