So it is Monday an that would typically mean I would o my Monday Musings on here.  What I typically do for that is throughout the week I see news items and give some sort of snarky comment about my 10 favorite ones.


And I had  a few written down, thinking that I would then find a few items to add after watching the Grammy Awards.  And I guess I could still do that, but I don’t want to.  Instead one major issue came out of the Grammys.  An injustice occurred.  A travesty to all that we hold holy.  A crime against American royalty that should not go unpunished.  Yes, that’s right I am talking about Queen Beyoncé not receiving Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Album of the Year.  No, the Grammy people in their infinite wisdom and superiority went and gave those honors to that foul mouthed British uppity lady, Adele.


That’s right they had the audacity to give the Grammy to an album that sold nearly 20 million copies, instead of to an album that  didn’t even sell 2 million copies.  They gave the award to an artist that sold out over 100 shows world wide last year, versus an artist that sold out less than 50 shows.  They decided that an artist who can stand on a stage in a simple gown with nothing more than a microphone, belt out a song and bring down the house, was more deserving than  an arteeeeest who feels the need to crown herself as Queen Bee in some god awful outfit that even RuPaul would find tacky, spout off some poor poetry about how special and powerful she is, as if she spoke for all women across the Universe and then dance around with a bunch of other dancers and lighting effects that masked her mistakes and for all I know was lip synching.


Yes, people if you haven’t figured it out yet, I think it is ridiculous that people are pissed that Adele, the classiest broad alive today, won the Grammys over Beyoncé.  First of all, let’s be honest here, Award shows are popularity contests.  Emmys, Oscars, Grammys, Tonys, all of the are about the campaign and the person nominated as much as they are about the talent.  Politics play a part in it and anyone who doesn’t think so is beyond naïve.  Yes the performance has to be deserving, but it is more.

One way to win a popularity contest is to be liked and respected by the most people.  And I will openly acknowledge that I am probably not one to give advice on how to do that since I have never won a popularity contest.  That said, I would hazard a guess that proclaiming yourself royalty isn’t going to win over the masses.  Having friends who throw hissy fits for you isn’t going to do it either.  Not that you are totally responsible for your friends, but you are responsible for the friends you choose.  I’m sure she’s a wonderful lady and her husband could be the nicest guy, but performances like last night reads a her ego runneth over.  Yes they all stood up and acted in awe of her, but there had to be plenty of people in that audience just like me , thinking WTF?  I guarantee she didn’t make friends with that vanity performance last night.

The other problem with award shows like this is that how in the world is a singer like Beyoncé who ha more of a dance/rap/pop vibe supposed to compete with an adult contemporary singer who is competing against a new wave country singer who is competing against a rapper, who is competing against a blah blah blah.  It’s just like trying to decide who is a better sport star, Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, or Michael Phelps?  There all great athletes, yes even Jeter though he played for those DAMN Yankees.  But you can’t say which is better because Tom Brady couldn’t outswim Phelps, but I doubt Phelps could sunk a basketball with the grace of Jordan.  They all play in different fields, courts or pools and so do artists.  Yes there are some similarities , but there is a difference.  And that is where Adele wins out over Beyoncé and Drake and Sturgiss and Justin.  Her music appeals to the masses, that’s the way it works.


Adele won the Grammy last night because more Grammy voters thought she was ore deserving of it than thought Beyoncé was.  That’s the way it is supposed to go.  Just like whoever walks away with the Best Picture award at the Oscars   in two weeks will be the winner.  I want it to be Lion, but it probably won’t be.  It will probably be La La Land, and that’s the way it goes.







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