Just Randomly Musing Along

Couple is Shocked When Their Chocolate Lab Gives Birth to Green Puppy
Why not have a green puppy, we have an orange President!
Melissa McCarthy and SNL are Labeled “Mean” for her Sean Spicer Sketch.
Well mean people hurt others and everyone knows that the truth hurts most of all; so I guess maybe they’re right!  That said it is the funniest sketch EVER!
Johnny Depp’s Reported Money Woes Continue
How does this dude spend $2 million dollars a month and continue to look like he needs a bath?
Patriots Win Super Bowl in Overtime
Goodell is calling it UpsetGate…..apparently Tom Brady and his team took the air right out of the Falcons Victory.
Beyonce Announces She is Having Twins
Since Orange Leaf is already taken, I’m putting my money on Purple Stem and Green Petal as the names.
Howard Stern Concerned that Presidency Will do Damage to Trump’s Mental Health.
Don’t worry Howard, I think that Donald’s Presidency will do damage to Mental Health first.
FX Premiere’s First Footage for Feud During Super Bowl
Not for sure how that worked for them.  I mean Sarandon as Davis and Lange as Crawford are great, but seriously how many Football fans even know who those four last names belong to?
FOX’s 24: Legacy Debuts to Low Post-Super Bowl Ratings.
Well, Duh!  It’s totally unbelievable.  I mean come on who is going to believe in corrupt politicians and moles in the Government.  Next they’re going to have Russians hacking an election.
Hamilton’s Schuyler Sisters Sing “America the Beautiful”
And that Ladies and Gentlemen is what Sisterhood is all about!
Trump Tells National Prayer Breakfast to pray For Schwazenegger’s Apprentice Ratings.

Yes, I agree.  The ratings for a reality show are so much more important than being concerned about all of the lives lost during the Bowling Green Massacre.


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