My Not Completely Amusing Monday Musings

I have to be honest the closer we get to January 20th the harder it is for me to be amusing, but here is my attempt this week.

Donald Trump Upset About the Picture CNN Used on Their Book


Ummmm Donald if you want a good picture, stop oh I don’t know wearing a bad wig, being orange and looking so smug and superior. Actually just stop……

Bitter Cold Hits the North and Snow Hits the South.


Yes HBO Winter has arrived. Now stop with that damn show already.

Kim Kardashian Recalls “Thinking  They’re Going to Shoot Me”


You all realize the news part of that headline is that Kim Kardashian thinks, right?

ABC Airs a Special About the Menendez Brothers


Most people wanted to know what the relevance was… it was a special about two boys who were born before their time….they’re the world’s first millennials.

Netflix Reboots “One Day at a Time”


The characters aren’t the same, the story isn’t the same, there’s not even a lecherous handyman. It’s not a reboot it’s a stolen title all for the sake of ratings.

Uncle Wears Suit to Meet His Newborn Niece.


His name is Grant Kessler and he has blown up on Facebook. And he should. Way to rock for your niece kid!

Apprentice Ratings


So Trump is slamming Arnold for low ratings. First of all oh Grand Orange One, do you realize you are a producer? Secondly, do we get to mock you on Twitter when your inauguration ratings are lower than Obama’s? Because yeah they will be.

Megyn Kelly Leaves FOX News for NBC


Let me get this straight, NBC News demoted Brian Williams for being a liar and now have offered more money than Midas ever had to the queen of the Lying Network. You have no shame NBC, no shame. And you damn well best not cancel Days of Our Lives for this Machiavelian witch.

Goldie Hawn on the Golden Globes


What the hell was that? No, seriously what the hell was that?

Meryl Streep is a Goddess


If her film reel that showed her talent didn’t do it for you her speech did it for me. Thank you Ms. Streep for being you and being a voice we need.

Addendum:  I hope this lady takes it as the largest compliment that Donald Trump considers her overrated!  to quote J.K. Rowling “Never forget that some people’s good opinion would be more insulting than their abuse”


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