So my resolution for the New Year is to return to blogging.  Yes my resolution is a gift to the world.  No don’t thank me with words, thank me with gifts, lots and lots of gifts.  And I intend to at least offer my Monday Musings twice a month.  Yes I truly love all of you! 


Fifty Shades Darker

The trailer starts off with the words “Forget the Past” – Ummmm, we’re trying to and yet you made a sequel. 


Mariah Carey

There is so much to say about her New Year’s Eve performance, but where to start.  Should we start by acting shocked that she was lip synching….Nah.  Should we start with the fact that she is blaming everyone but herself…..Nah.  Should we start with her forgetting the lyrics to her own hits….Nah.  Oh let’s be honest let’s not start with anything that has to do with this has-been. 


New Year’s Day

A new year has begun.  Everybody keeps saying that it has to be better than 2016, and I just don’t get that.  Do they realize that yes in 2016 racists won the White House, but in 2017 they actually are kicking the black guy out and moving in to it.   



Celebrity Apprentice Returns with a New Boss

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new boss.  Everyone seems to be worried about what his elimination phase will be. I, for one am hoping it’s “Your Impeached”


Jennifer Lopez and Drake make it Instagram Official

Wow, I’m shocked.  Jennifer Lopez goes public that she is hooking up with a younger more relevant artists.  Does she have a tv show to hype or a new album.  Oh why yes, yes she does.




Bachelor Premiere Tonight

Tonight on the Bachelor premiere apparently we are going to find out that one of the ladies has already had a one night fling with the Bachelor.  I guess we’ll find out if she was any good in the sack if he doesn’t give her a rose.



Dog Mauls Owner

A dog attacked his owner for trying to put a Christmas sweater on him.  They had to shoot beanbags, stab and tranquilize the dog to calm him down.  And people think the reason I don’t put Homer in a sweater is because I don’t like to share.




Will & Grace

The show is returning to NBC 10 years after being cancelled – I’m excited, not for the show to come back, but that this means there is at least going to be 30 minutes of NBC broadcasting that won’t be about some City of Chicago public works Department.  I mean seriously I keep waiting for them to announce Chicago Waste Disposal.



Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Passing

I have nothing witty to say here.  I have so much love for these two women and am moved by the amount of love that Debbie must have had for her real princess.


President-elect Donald Trump

So the great Orange one, you know our Rapist-in-Chief, claims he has a mandate.  Of course in his delusional world losing the popular vote equals a mandate.  Although I have to be honest, why would Donald want a mandate, wouldn’t he rather have a womandate!




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