Breaking News….It’s Not News!!!!

Can we talk for a minute about that Vanity Fair cover?  Well, I’m going to talk about it for a couple of minutes no matter what you say, because SURPRISE, I have thoughts.  Calm down people, it’s really not that shocking.  And there is a good chance that one or a hundred of you will disagree with me.  I’m cool with your disagreeing with me, as long as you are cool with being wrong.  🙂

Okay first of all if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say that Vanity Fair cover, then that tells me that you did not turn on the TV today, listen to the radio, look at your FB page, surf the web, or wake up until you started reading this.  Because the biggest news to ever hit the world since like forever is that Bruce Jenner is now Caitlin Jenner and her picture as taken by Annie Liebovitz is on the cover.

untitled (7)

Now I have many things to say, but lets get this out of the way first, Caitlyn does not look like Jessica Lange! Yes, I think she is attractive. But for the record anybody with the make-up squad of Vanity Fair and the lighting and shutter skills of Annie Liebovitz behind them would be attractive. She however is not Jessica Lange attractive. And anybody who thinks she is, is stupid and/or blind. And yes, if you think she is I just called you stupid and/or blind. Sorry, not sorry!

Now point number two. No I really do not believe that this story should have been the biggest news of the day. I mean come on Kim and Kanye are expecting their second child. How dare this take precedent over that? Seriously people, can we please pull our heads out of the Kardashians Botoxed butts and realize that just about anyone else that we have ever met in our lives are more deserving of our attention than a family of messed up egos controlled by some crazy lady who would sell her children’s souls if she could….or maybe she already did. I mean I am getting sick of having to explain to people, that absolutely nothing they do should be news, or Wolf Blitzer style “Breaking News”. Jeesh, it’s almost enough to make me want to watch FOX news…..well okay not really, but you get my point.

Okay let’s talk a minute about Caitlin herself. I am fighting to call her that, because there is part of me that still wants to call him Bruce. Not to be mean or spiteful or insensitive, but simply because I’m not for sure that I still buy it. I mean granted, you would have to be quite the media whore to go to this extreme to get attention and sell a television show and magazine cover, and nobody would go to this extreme. Right? Nobody but someone connected to the Kardashians. See my point? So while I’m sure it’s real, I can’t quite be positive sure. Look up Media Whore in the dictionary, the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan is pictured there.

untitled (8)

But for arguments sake let’s say it is real. Then there is part of me that wants to applaud the good that this could do the transgendered community. Ah, but wait, again we are talking about “that” family again. Do you really think they are capable of shining a positive light on this very serious topic? Because I don’t. I’ll give you that after the interview with Diane Sawyer, I was more hopeful, because I actually think that did create a positive conversation about the struggles of a transgendered individual. But I have no faith that either the family or the E! Network has the integrity or intelligence to show us that. Granted it’s possible that they may want to, and may, start down that path, but if they keep down that path past August, I’ll be shocked. Come on, they, and by “they” I mean both the family and the network, are moved strictly by ratings, because ratings equal dollars and attention. Again people, we are talking about the poster children of Media Whores.

images (4)

Last month I had the opportunity to hear Laverne Cox from Orange is the New Black tell her story and talk about the struggles she has faced and still faces as a transgendered actress. I trust her to put the spotlight on this issue. I do not trust Caitlyn Jenner to do so. I mean her story could be so moving, touching and blah, blah, blah. But it’s tainted. It just is. And she’s a whack job. Not because of her transgendered status. That does not make her a whack job. What makes her a whack job is the fact that before she was Caitlyn, she was Bruce, and Bruce was married to Kris and did those E! shows and was a whack job. Again, sorry, not sorry!

Okay, there I have gotten some of my thoughts out, and I would love to promise you that you will not hear me talk about it again. But I can’t because I know that the media will make them the main story in the news again and again and again, and it will eventually drive me to rant again. But I will make you a promise that you will not see a review from me on the “Reality” series that E! is putting out next month. And can we please find a new name for those shows other than “Reality”? Fakality, maybe?


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