Heaven….St. Louis Style!


So as many of you know I am from the metro St Louis area. But to be clear, I do not live in Missouri, I live across the river in Illinois. I typically don’t say I am from Illinois though, because the minute you do everyone assumes that you are from Chicago, and I don’t want to be thought of as from Chicago, for a variety of reasons, but the main one being because then people may assume I am a Cub fan. I am most decidedly not a Cub fan. Not that Cub fans are horrible people. They aren’t. They are loyal and rabid about their team’s chances for next year. More power to those people.


I however am a Cardinal fan. Diehard Redbird fan here! I love my birds on the bat! And I get to stay rabid about their chances every year! BONUS!

Now I know some of you are thinking, wait a minute this blog is supposed to be about entertainment, so why is he talking about sports? Well simple, if you grew up in my family you know that baseball is the best kind of summer entertainment. My dad played minor league baseball in the early 50s. My mother is a Redbird fanatic. Not fan…..fanatic. Don’t call her when the redbirds are on the boob tube. Don’t get her started on what she thinks of the Cubbies’ chances this year. Don’t misjudge this 78 year-old white hair lady’s knowledge of the infield fly rule and the importance of putting the shift on a left handed batter. She’s also not a gigantic fan of all those sabermetrics. She’s old school, she knows a good player (think Yadi!) and she knows a crap player (Jason Isringhausen comes to mind). She don’t need no stinking sabermetrics. She’s the real deal when it comes to Redbird Baseball.

Growing up in my household we were exposed to baseball while in the womb. And having grown up in St. Louis in the 70s and 80s I got to see some of the Redbird’s greatest play. Gibson, Brock, Smith, McGee, Forsch, Oquendo, Herr, Simmons….the list just goes on and on. And back in the day we got to go to quite a few games. We probably went to close to a dozen games a year. Bleacher seats back in the 70s were just $1.00 and so there were plenty of times where that was the cheapest entertainment for us kids. So when my mom worked nights, my dad would come home from work, pile us kids into the station wagon and take us over to Busch Stadium to watch the Redbirds play. Dad, for some unknown reason was a Cincinnati Reds fan (actually the reason was because they are the oldest MLB team) so we definitely went when the Reds were in town. Those nights in the bleachers at Busch are some of my favorite memoires of my childhood.

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Anyway, the reason for this blog is because last night I went to my first Cardinal game of the year, and now that I am moving to the tundra, probably my last game as well. And it was a great game! The weather was perfect! Matt Holliday tied a franchise record! And the Redbirds won!!! Our seats were amazing. My sister bought them for my mom for Mother’s Day and I got to tag along. The seats were right behind home plate and were pretty close to perfect. Not that there are many bad seats in Cardinal Nation, the atmosphere alone makes it that way. If you have never been to a Major league game, St. Louis is the place to experience it, just be sure to wear red!

While at the game last night though I noticed a few things that I thought I would comment on, so here I go:

  • Little kids with their dads are so darn cute at games, even when the dad is explaining something wrong (the backwards K actually does mean something). Now I typically hate that type of cute, but when I see a dad explaining the rules of the game, or teaching their son how to keep score it brings back memories of my dad, and now I’m just a little overklempt….
  • If you are chasing after the beer vendor…..you might have a problem. There’s going to be another vendor coming up the aisle in just a minute, so chill dude.  Seriously.
  • While nothing beats watching the game in Busch, there is a plus to watching it on TV. No, it is not listening to Hrabosky and McLaughlin. It’s that you have a better knowledge of exactly what the manager and ump are arguing about. I do quickly need to point out that there is one thing worse than Hrabosky, and that is Joe Buck. Joe Buck Sucks!
  • I don’t get people that sneak down to the lower seats…I saw one family do it last night and they got booted out of the seats they snuck down to at least 4 times that I saw. How does that make the ballgame experience fun?
  • The Kiss Cam is stupid. That’s all.
  • Jason Heyward is a Boss. That dude’s body scares me. I would never want him mad at me.
  • Never agree to share nachos with your mother. She may be 78, but she loves herself some barbecue pork nachos.
  • Why do people get so drunk that they think they can get away with running across the field? You’re going to get caught. You’re going to get arrested? And you’re going to miss the rest of the game? Oh and we don’t think you’re cool, we think you’re a drunken douche.
  • Besides the fact that your team isn’t as great as ours, why can’t everyone fill their stadium like St. Louis can? Last night’s paid attendance was 41,407! That was a low attendance night. Other teams are killing themselves to get 15,000. Yes people that is why St. Louis is called the best Baseball town!
  • I love the old guys that go to games and think they know it all….I especially love it when they don’t. Sorry gramps, but Tony LaRussa is not the winningest manager ever in the MLB. Nope, Albert Pujols did not fly out with foul balls more than he hit home runs. And I’m pretty sure that Mike Matheny is not in danger of having his contract not renewed after this season if he doesn’t win the team a WS ring. But hey, thanks for playing.

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God, I love living in Redbird Nation! And I am going to miss getting to go to the playoffs this year! The Cards will be there, but I’ll be watching from South Dakota. But I’ll be wearing my Matt Carpenter jersey and cheering them on as the snow falls!

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