Glass Chapels

Okay so as I said yesterday I have thoughts and feelings about the whole Duggar family thing. It starts off as anger and disgust but it morphs into frustration and hostility and even a little American shame. Now I know that this blog is called All about Entertainment, With a Dash of Irreverence, but today’s post is going to be not so much about entertainment (never mind that some people think that the Duggar family has been entertaining; those people are wrong by the way) and is going to have very little irreverence but a lot of snark. I’m good at snark, especially when hypocrites are involved.

I’m not quite sure where I want to start, so I’m going to start with the whole Duggar family as entertainment thing. Now this is where my disgust kicks in……seriously we as a nation spend countless hours a week watching other families live their fake totally scripted unscripted lives on television. And then we wonder what has happened to the good old American family dynamic. We watch the Real Housewives of like 583 different cities because we are mesmerized by their lifestyle. We watch the Kardashians and Jenners because we want to be famous for being famous; not for being talented or gifted or amazing human beings, nope just for being famous and having big glorious butts. And we watch the Duggars because we want to be good people that live virtuous lives. Never mind that the real housewives aren’t real housewives, the Kardashians aren’t real people, (they are more plastic, silicone and Botox than flesh and bone) and the Duggars aren’t pious, virtuous people, sanctimonious is such a better description. We have allowed Bravo, E! and TLC to tell us who they are and we have just played along. AMERICA, get off your ass and start watching your family, they are more real, more entertaining and more deserving of your time. I say this as someone who can honestly say I have never watched a single full episode of any of that fake reality crap. I tried to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey once, and when I was twenty minutes and one bottle of wine through it, I realized that there was not enough Riesling grapes in this world to make that show watchable.

Now I am not going to throw stones at Josh Duggar for his actions as a young teenager, I was a young teenage boy once and I certainly don’t want anyone judging me today on my actions back then. And I will challenge anyone who says that says they can condemn him because they weren’t molesting little girls when they were 14. I mean, I’m not going to challenge them and say they were, but they weren’t perfect either and they were making bad irresponsible, and possibly reprehensible, choices as well. And yes what he did back then is reprehensible, but it is up to his victims to forgive him, and to do so in their own time and way. And that is where I am going to start throwing some anger.

How dare you Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for doing all of the forgiving. How dare you sweep it under the rug and decide that you can just send your child away for a few months, to another child molester at that, to be rehabilitated? How dare you claim that you did the right thing by having him go to a friend, who just happened to be a police officer to confess his crimes and ignore the law? How dare you say that all of his victims received counseling and have worked through forgiveness? You can’t know that. You can’t know that your precious son confessed about all of his victims. You can’t know that your young daughters truly worked through all the emotions and anger and feeling of self-loathing, shame, blame and confusion. You certainly couldn’t have known that for sure before you stuck them in front of the camera and told the world how wonderfully happy and content they were in such a loving and caring family. Nor can you know that the non-family member victims, who you can’t tell to forgive their older brother, have forgiven him.

I met Michelle Dugggar once and while I was far from star struck to meet her, I remember feeling like she was a nice woman, misguided but nice. Oh if I had only known then what I know now, I would have crossed the street to avoid the possibility that I may tell her how much loathing I have for such a vile creature as her and her sanctimonious hypocritical husband. And yes I feel justified in calling them both that. These two people have gone on so many television shows and talked about their faith and their belief in the bible and the power of making virtuous choices and the danger of sin and lust and blah, blah, blah. Seriously, you have the nerve to judge my friends and my family that love someone of the same sex as them, and yet you can just hide away the sins of your own family. You feel like my nephew is less deserving of the right to marry the man he falls in love with, but your son should be able to go on his merry way unpunished for the crimes, YES CRIMES, he committed against his own family. Oh dear holier than thou people, don’t look now but that glass chapel you are preaching in is shattering from all of those stones you have thrown.

I’m also frustrated at the media and the entertainment industry. If the rumors are true and TLC is going to put this family back on television, just without Josh, shame on them for just chasing the only thing they truly worship, the almighty dollar. Well shame on them anyway for ever having them on. You will never convince me that they did not know about this history. Oprah knew, and Oprah was just going to have them do one interview on her show. TLC was signing them to a million dollar deal and making them one of the stars of their network. They knew.

By the way I hate giving kudos to that EGOprah for refusing to have them on her show and reporting what she discovered to the police, but I will give her credit for that. I would however like to know that after the Duggars blew up on television and were out their spitting their vile lies about themselves why wasn’t Queen Oprah calling BS on that. She knew the truth, but she kept her mouth shut, just like she tried to do with the crimes being committed at her school in Africa. You don’t get a pass lady, not from me. And you shouldn’t by anybody else, but you will because you’ll give someone a car.

And now for all of you right wing pundits and Mike Huckabee freak show type people who want to rush to defend the Duggars….SHUT THE F** UP! No seriously, don’t even go there. Those of you that want to know where are the fathers of the “gang-bangers” and “hoodlums” in the streets of Ferguson and Baltimore. Those of you on FOX News that want to blame the decline of American virtue on the cultural shift to be accepting of alternative lifestyles. Those of you that want to claim that us bleeding heart liberals and the agnostics and the atheist are the downfall of all that is good and righteous in this world, you can just blow it out your pie hole. Sin is all around us, none of us is without it and none of us get to hold ourselves out there as the bastion of perfection. I’m glad that you have forgiven Josh Duggar for his past crimes, Mike Huckabee. But you, just like his mommy and daddy, don’t have the right to do so for his victims. You, nor some bought judge in Arkansas. should have the right to sweep it all away and expunge his file and pretend it didn’t happen. It happened and it shouldn’t have. I just pray that his victims truly have found their way to forgive him, but I’m sure they won’t forget. And we shouldn’t forget the next time some TV honcho wants to put some holier than thou family on the tube for us all to pine after.


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