Tomorrow is Another Day


So I haven’t posted anything to my blog for almost a month now. I’ve been busy. Well okay as busy as an unemployed guy can be. I’ve been looking for a J-O-B. And fretting about finding a J-O-B. And, traveling all over the place to find that J-O-B. And freaking out if I would accept the right J-O-B. But now I have found one and I’m getting excited about it… although it means moving to South Dakota and living in the frozen tundra of the Upper Mid-West.

But I’m back and I have thoughts, lots of them about lots of entertainment stuff, and yes, quite possibly, sometime soon I will have something to say about a certain reality television family and their hypocrisy. And just think to do that I won’t even have to talk about the Kardashians. Seriously people, who ever thought that there could be a reality show family that was more hypocritical than Chris Jenner and gang? But that one is for later on, this one is about hope, dreams, fantasy and tomorrow….as in Tomorrowland!


Tomorrowland is Disney’s big movie of the summer….well okay not really since Disney owns 38.765% of the free world they have a few other big movies out this summer, like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man and Inside Out. It stars George Clooney and was directed by Brad Bird, and it is wonderful.

It’s an original story, and that alone makes it something different than most of the other stuff out there. It’s not based on a comic book, previous movie, television series, or even YA novel. It’s an idea that actually came out of the mind of the movie makers. Now calm down people. I know that seems ridiculous, but way back in the day that is the way movies were made. A guy had a thought and sat down with pen and paper, or typewriter and paper and started writing. Maybe he would invite a friend or colleague to help and after numerous drafts and months, maybe years, of hard work they would be able to go to a studio and make a movie.

Well nowadays not anybody could just do that, but if you are Brad Bird, he of The Incredibles and Ratatouille fame, and Damon Lindelof, from Lost fame, you can. And they did. And the story is interesting, fun and has a great message. I don’t want to do a whole breakdown of the story, because that is what made this movie going experience for me so wonderful. I actually did not know the whole story. I mean yeah, they certainly reveal some of the story in the trailers, but here again they did something not done often by Hollywood. They don’t tell the whole story in the trailers for the film.


I will however tell you that the theme of the movie is about dreaming and believing and hoping. And how we need that in this world if we are to survive and thrive. There is a somewhat ironic theme in the movie that we need to be aware of big corporate brother pushing us more and more towards an apocalyptic dystopian future. I mean granted I am more concerned about FOX pushing us towards that dystopian future than I am Disney. But again Disney certainly has the means to do it, after all they own 41.683% of the free world. And yes I know that is an increase from what I said earlier, but I wrote that like ten minutes ago, and we know they have grown larger in that time.

So back to the movie. The acting is solid. George Clooney plays Frank Walker, a role written with him in mind. He’s an everyman jaded genius with a grumpy exterior. He does such a great job with it that we almost forget that he is Mr. Charm and Charisma. Hugh Laurie gives us a solid performance as well someone who is maybe not bad, but maybe not good, let’s just say misguided. Britt Robertson is the heroin of the film and while somewhat new to the scene she does need to apologize to us all for starring in a Nicholas Sparks film, and she does. Tim McGraw once again plays the dad role, and does it well. The real highlight of the film though is Raffey Cassidy, who plays Athena with such charm and mystery that I was just mesmerized by her performance. I think this could be an actress worth following.


Besides the solid acting, it is a well-directed movie. The cinematography is beautiful. The special effects are wonderful… turning the Eiffel Tower into a launch pad is great. There are some well-choreographed fight sequences that actually serve purpose and don’t just seem to be thrown in for the sake of action. The music never causes distraction, another thing you can’t say about many movies today. And I just can’t say it enough the story is wonderful.

In fact the story is so wonderful it has me full of hopes and dreams for tomorrow and my new job…..even though it is going to be so cold….so very very very cold.


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