Monday Musings IV

This week’s musings have a couple of political thoughts thrown in, but I just need to get them of my chest.


After 5 seasons Pretty Little Liars reveal who “A” is

Does this mean we have 125 more seasons before we are going to find out who “Z” is?


Zayn quits his band One Direction and life as we know it is over.

Okay that should actually read “Zane quits his little group of boyfriends and life continues for all of us as the earth continues to orbit around the sun.”


Aaron Schock, ex-Congressman from Illinois compares himself to President Lincoln in his farewell speech.

I’m not for sure if he was trying to out Honest Abe or if he is just some egotistical ass that thinks he is more important than he really is. Well I do know he is an egotistical ass.


Coachella and Lollapalooza ban Selfie Sticks.

Well that is a step in the right direction towards getting selfies banned altogether. And if you can’t figure out why I want selfies banned, I’ll tell you in just one word……Kardashian.


Kentucky continues to dominate in March Madness.

And March Madness continues to dominate my list of items that I really couldn’t care less about. It’s the one month of the year where the Kardashians are second on the list.


Ryan Reynolds reveals the suit for the new Deadpool movie.

By posing on a bearskin rug in a Burt Reynolds pose. Is he trying to tell us he’s Burt’s lovechild?


AMC airs the season finale of Walking Dead.

Fortunately for all of the entertainment media, Game of Thrones premieres in a couple of weeks, or they would have nothing to cover adnauseum.


Trevor Noah announced as John Stewart’s replacement on the Daily Show.

I’m fine with this.  But the Republicans are going to be pissed. He’s from South Africa……it’s just one more immigrant coming over here taking our jobs.


Rhianna performs “Bitch Better Have My Money” at iHeartRadio Music Awards.

B#$%^, better stop using that language on primetime television when kids are watching. Seriously, parents quit letting your kids watch this stuff, you know they are going for the shock value.


Indiana Governor says he had no idea that signing bill allowing LGBT discrimination would cause a firestorm.

Just one more thing that proves this idiot thinks he is stuck in the 50’s and hasn’t entered into a century of diversity, equality and social media. What a jerk (you may substitute other words if you want)!


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