A Cure For A Headache

After I reread my post from yesterday I decided that I was way too negative and that is not who I am. I’m seldom snarky and mean. That’s not true. I’m often snarky. But I’m not always negative. I can often be very positive and somewhat enjoyable. So last night I decided my next post was going to be about a celebrity, movie, or show I really enjoy. And then I woke up this morning with a headache. And not just a run of the mill headache like I have a dozen or so times a week, but one of those headaches where you find yourself wondering if chopping off one of your fingers might be worth shifting the pain.


So I took some ibuprofen and stayed in bed for an additional hour hoping that would help. It didn’t. Then Homer, my trusty black lab/Australian shepherd mix, decided that he really had to go to the bathroom. As many times as I have tried to teach him how to open the door and go out on his own, he just doesn’t get it.   They say it has something to do with opposable thumbs, but I think it’s just stubbornness. So eventually up we got and out for our walk. Not quite three miles this morning, but there just comes a point and time where that little guy who is chiseling away at your cranium wins out and you give in and go home.

So, here I was sitting at my computer trying to be positive, and what I really wanted to write was something about how I was sure that this headache is either the fault of the Bush family, because I swear they are vicious that way, or else it’s all the bad Karma coming back my way for calling out Saint Oprah. And then I start checking out the entertainment news and I stumbled upon this:

How did I miss this yesterday? How did I not know they were releasing it yesterday? How many hours of my life did I go through that this was in and I did not know it? How many times will I watch it trying to decipher more and more about the upcoming movie?

Oh yes, I am a happy person. I love Bond, James Bond. Everything about James Bond. The idea of a super spy is intriguing. Ian Fleming’s books are great reads. And the movies are friggin’ awesome. All of them. Yes, even that one with George Lazenby, who I think was a better Agent 007 then Pierce Brosnan. I enjoyed the Brosnan movies, but I never felt he was tough enough to have a License to Kill.

I remember my very first James Bond movie, Live and Let Die. I was maybe all of nine years old at the time and I saw it at the drive-in. I had no business seeing a Bond movie, and that one in particular at that age, but I did. I want to say one of my sisters took me, but I could be wrong. According to my sisters I’m never right, especially about my childhood. They swear they never made me eat worms, do all the housework or locked me in closets. Anyway, I remember having no idea what in the world was going on, and why that guy wanted to sleep with all those half dressed women, but wow was he cool. And wow did he have some neat gadgets, I still want that Rolex watch and side view mirrors that shoot darts. I think that is why Roger Moore for the longest time was my favorite 007.


That is until Daniel Craig came along. That dude is it. He is everything you want in a super agent. He is tough, funny, charming, and bad ass. And he is sexy. That’s right, I’m a guy calling another guy sexy. And I have no problem saying it. I think he may be the only guy I would say it about. I mean yeah Clooney, Pitt, Cruise, Jackman…..they’re all good looking guys and I ‘m sure they have some sort of sex appeal, but Daniel Craig as James Bond just oozes sex appeal. With all of the other Bonds, you know he was going to get the girls, but sometimes you wondered why. With Craig, you know he’s going to get the girl and you get why. Heck, when he comes on screen you grab a hold of your dates hand for fear she may jump on screen and start sleeping with him.


The Bond of the Craig movies is more real with complex emotions and struggles. They had taken him to a level in the 80’s and 90’s where he was almost a cartoon of the past. But when Craig took over the role they brought him back to a real place with real situations. Okay, maybe not real real, but at least somewhat believable. Even his gadgets are more realistic and not farfetched invisible cars like the Brosnan years. And be honest who among the true James Bond fans did not get giddy during Skyfall when Bond got back in his Aston Martin DB5 and jokingly threaten M with the ejector seat. Total Bad Ass car that one.


So here it is the trailer for the 24th Bond film, Spectre. And it looks like it is not going to disappoint. The opening of the trailer acknowledges the last movie and lets us know that we are about to find out more about the dark past of Bond. There is a great build up to a new baddie and just a hint of Christopher Waltz as that guy…who damn well better turn out to be Blofeld or there are going to be a lot of upset fans in the world. I don’t know if I will be one of them though. I mean I hope he’s Blofeld and it certainly appears as if he is, but I have faith in Sam Mendes to take this one in the right direction.


About the only thing I don’t like about this trailer is the “Coming Soon” part. Really? November 6th is not soon. It is not soon at all? In fact thinking about how long away that is, is making my head hurt again. Maybe if I watch the trailer for the umpteenth time this headache will start to fade again……Here’s hoping.


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