Karma Hog

My life has been pretty boring. I don’ think I’ve ever met anyone famous. I mean like big time famous. Well I did meet Lou Brock once. Actually my dad saw him at the airport and went up and started talking to him. If you knew my dad you’d understand. My dad never met a stranger. And when it came to baseball he could always start up a conversation. In fact I’ll bet it wasn’t five minutes into the conversation before my dad informed one of the most famous St. Louis Cardinal ballplayers of all time that he was not a Cardinal fan. I guess the only other brush with fame I have had is one of my old students from my time in Arkansas, Cody Belew, was on The Voice. Not only was he on the show but he made it to the top 6. Anyway that’s it for me. My life is nowhere as exciting of the life of Shep Gordon.


Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon is a documentary of a guy who has had a much more exciting life than I have. I mean this guy’s life is amazing. Shep is a talent manager. No, I take that back Shep Gordon is THE talent manager to end all talent managers. He has represented everyone from Alice Cooper to Anne Murray to Blondie to Luther Vandross to Emeril Lagasse.

Shep’s career started as a lark. He was staying in a Hollywood hotel and just happened to meet Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. Yeah just happened to meet them. WHAT? He told them he didn’t have a job and Hendrix apparently said since he was Jewish he should be an agent. So they introduced him to Alice Cooper. From there this guy’s life never stopped. He helped create the whole mania surrounding Cooper and his alleged eating chicken blood on stage, performing with snakes and nightly having his head chopped off by a guillotine. If you don’t know, Cooper never really did drink chicken blood, he did perform with snakes, and he never lost his head, well not to a guillotine.

In Shep’s life he has been credited with creating the idea of celebrity chefs, cooked for the Dali Lama and has become the confidant, friend and safe haven for all kinds of celebrities. His life is fascinating, and somewhat infuriating. He has a theory about offering coupons to people. If he needed something for one of his clients he would ask for it and promise the person he was asking that he would owe them. Then he would spend the rest of his life making good on the coupon. It’s infuriating to think this philosophy has worked for him, and yet the rest of Hollywood hasn’t followed his model. Just think how much greater this world would be.


The movie is produced and directed by Mike Myers and has interviews with all kinds of celebrities. Allice Cooper, Sly Stallone, Mick Fleetwood, Michael Douglas, Myers himself and many more. They all have great stories to tell. Stories that will make you respect Shep as much as they obviously do.

I saw this documentary last night and I don’t know when the last time I laughed as much watching a documentary. After the movie was over I turned to my friends and said, I now know why my karma has been so bad, this supermensch has sucked up all the good karma. Oh well, it couldn’t have happen to a better guy!


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