Monday Musings, Part Deux!

Just a few quick thoughts on some of last week’s top entertainment news:


Mo’Nique claims she has been unfairly labeled as “difficult”

Naturally the easiest way to prove you aren’t is to go to the press and whine and complain, and then start naming names and telling people the roles you were promised and denied. Yeah you seem really easy and laid back. Nothing difficult there.


NBC Cancels Allegiance

Wait you make a crappy knock off of one of the best cable shows, The Americans, with wooden performances and ridiculous stories stolen from some really bad spy novels and it doesn’t take off like the next great TV show. Shocker!


Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend enters rehab

Seriously, can the sad tale of Whitney Brown get any sadder. It just keeps sinking deeper and deeper into true Lifetime Movie status. NO, Lifetime, that was not a request for another movie.


Social Media goes crazy over shamed Dancing Man

I love this story and I applaud the people who are getting behind throwing this guy his own dance party. I really do. But I have to be honest. I’m fat. I can’t dance. Where’s my dance party?


Kanye West announces that his new album will be released in a few months

Okay everyone, prepare to be told by all the music critics out there just how amazing and wonderful Kanye is, even though he’s not. Yet they can’t figure out why his ego is out of control. IT”S YOUR DAMN FAULT! Shut up about this jerk already!


Alec Baldwin to play the Mayor of NYC in new Series on HBO

As excited as I am that Alec is coming back to TV, why can’t we have him in the real world of politics? Oh that’s right he would never get elected. He’s too blunt and honest. Lord knows we can’t have honesty in an elected office.


Oprah is closing down her studios in Chicago

So she’s closing down a gigantic job market in Chicago, you know the city she claims to love. Why? Because she loves having more money. In fact the only thing she loves more than having more money is herself.



Marvel releases the third trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron

Do we really need three trailers for a movie that is highly likely to set new records at the Box Office? Especially since the only thing we don’t yet know about this movie is what city they will destroy at the end of it.


Harrison Ford crashes airplane on golf course and survives

My first thought was, you know if Chewbacca had been his co-pilot it wouldn’t have happened. Then I thought, damn it Ford get Chewbacca in your next few films, because your last few films have all crashed and burned too!


Baseball Spring Training games start!!!

If you don’t consider Baseball entertaining, well I can only assume you are a Cubs fan!


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