A Proclamation and The Truth

Every morning I take my dog for a walk. A long walk. We’re talking a minimum of two miles, some mornings it’s four or five. I’ve even done 10 miles a few mornings. Well my dog has never gone for a 10 mile walk, I love him but he’s lazy. Okay, he’s not lazy he just has shorter legs and can’t walk as far as me. I wrote that last sentence because I just got a look from him. It’s amazing, he even knows when I’m typing about him. Damn dog! Anyway, if I’m doing a walk longer than 3 miles, I bring him home to make breakfast and do some cleaning while I finish my walk. It’s kind of annoying that I have yet to come home to breakfast being made or the house cleaned. He tends to just go right back to bed. Like I said, damn dog!


I like my morning walks. I think, I ponder, I daydream, and sometimes I observe things around me. Once I even saw a guy breaking into a business down the street from my house. I called the cops on him, because that’s the kind of guy I am. I mean, I ran and hid so he couldn’t see me and then called the police. Dude had a crowbar and my momma didn’t raise an idiot. Well, I have siblings, so I’m not for sure that is a true statement. But she didn’t raise her youngest to be an idiot. Anyway the police came and caught the guy and arrested him. I think that has been the most interesting thing that has happened on my walks. Fortunately I’ve never discovered a dead body on my walk.  There you have it a “Proclamation and the Truth”.  I have never discovered a dead body on my morning walks!


Which brings me to the new ABC series on Sunday night, Secrets & Lies. This new drama is based on an Australian show of the same name. I’m sensing a trend here. FOX remade the BBC’s Broadchurch, NBC is remaking Australia’s The Slap, and now ABC is redoing this one from Australia. All three were critical darlings in their home country. FOX’s Gracepoint (the BBC’s Broadchurch) was well done, just not as good as the original. NBC’s the Slap is really enjoyable. You can check out my review of that show on an earlier post (A Hit that’s a Hit with Me.) And, I am really enjoying this remake as well.

Here’s the premise. Ryan Phillippe stars as a married father of two, Ben. He is out for his morning jog one morning and stumbles upon a dead body in the woods. The dead body is that of the little boy who lived next door. Ben’s daughter watches the kid after school and apparently the whole neighborhood loved him. So I’m thinking he’s a freak of nature. After trying to resuscitate the child, or so Ben claims, as we only pick up on the show after he leaves the body, he runs home and calls for help. KaDee Strickland plays Phillippe’s wife, Christy. We quickly learn that Ben and Christy’s marriage is far from perfect. Christy has issues with the little boy’s mom and Ben has been sleeping on the couch. They also have a friend of Ben’s staying in the spare room out back. The friend offers comic relief, but Christy doesn’t like him for some reason. The oldest daughter is hiding something, and a few of the neighbors are acting a little odd as well. There are all kinds of secrets and lies that you know are going to be revealed and it’s going to be fun as each layer is removed.


I, for one, really like Ryan Phillippe. I always have. He gets slammed quite a bit for being a wooden actor, and I don’t think he is. I think he is a certain type of actor. He’s a brooder. He picks characters that he can explore the introvert within and then he brings that out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it may not. For me, it is working in this character. He has made me believe in him and like him in spite of the secrets he is obviously hiding. I also really like Strickland. Her character was about the only character I liked on Private Practice. I attribute that to the fact that she gave the character dimension and depth, something sorely missing on a show that lasted about seven seasons too long, and yes I am aware that it was only on for six seasons. She is once again showing us the dimensions of the character. She loves her family, she loves her husband, maybe. She doesn’t like his live-in friend, and she certainly is jealous of the victim’s mom. I can’t wait to see more from her.


Juliette Lewis plays the investigating officer handling the case. I’m not for sure what the cop’s issues are, besides she obviously has been sucking on a lemon, ‘cause damn girl that is one sour puss face. She has set her sight on Ben as the murderer and she is not letting go of that bone. She knows he is hiding something and she is determined to prove it’s murder. She has no qualms about exposing her suspicions to the media and let them do their job of destroying the man. Thanks to her sour looks, the media has their day with the prime suspect and by the end of the first episode even the neighbors start to suspect a man they have known for years of murder.


Juliette Lewis is my one problem with the show so far. We are only two episodes in, but as of right now Ms. Lewis has portrayed one note. Yep, Sour Puss Suspicious Cop. There is not one redeeming quality about her. I mean the way she is playing it I don’t think she even cares if Ben is the real killer, she just cares that she gets to ruin his life. I’m not even for sure she knows if the victim is a boy or a bird. It’s all just one note. I’m hoping that they delve deeper into her story, but if they don’t I at least hope they don’t let her have any more lemons.

The Australian show resolved the case in 6 episodes and I am hoping this show does as well. I saw an interview with Lewis where she said her hope is that the show comes back for a season two with a new story. That’s my hope too, because right now they have me interested, but I’m not for sure that they have enough secrets and lies to expose to keep the audience watching. And I know I for one won’t be happy with a cliffhanger ending. I need an ending. Heck, that one morning with the burglary in process I stuck around, well hidden, to watch the cops arrest the guy with the crowbar. I need resolution! I just do.


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