A Friend is Always a Great Thing to Have…..Especially When They Have Tickets!

Friday night a great friend messaged me that she had an extra ticket to go see an a cappella choir perform a concert at the local community college on Saturday. Apparently her mother had broken her ankle earlier this week, nothing tragic just a minor break that should heal itself by wearing a boot for a few weeks. But her mom couldn’t go so she had gave my friend the tickets. After joking that I thought it was rude to push your mom down just to get tickets, I said I would love to go. I’m not just about movies and television. I love all things entertainment and an a cappella choir group could be fun.

So tonight I went and watched The Ambassadors of Harmony perform. And boy did they perform! They are a large group of around 150 men from the St. Louis area that have won three gold medals in the Barbershop Harmony Society’s international contest. And I’m thinking they deserved it. They did a few numbers that just blew me away. Their arrangement of “Music of the Night” from Phantom was probably the best arrangement I’ve heard, and I love the Original Broadway recording! They did an amazing version of “Circle of Life” from The Lion King, and I can be really picky about anyone doing anything that has Sir Elton’s name attached. They do some jazz and barbershop quartet standards that were wonderful as well. Check them out at http://www.AOH.org.


There was also a quartet that performed as well called Vocal Spectrum. The four members are also members of The Ambassadors of Harmony, so it flowed well. They were enjoyable as well, but the quartet shtick isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. However they did one song that wasn’t your typical quartet song, “Bring Him Home” for Les Miserables. Their tenor, Tim Waurick has a vocal instrument that will blow you away.  Don’t take my word for it, click below.

So anyway, the reason I wanted to share this story is not just to tell you how amazing these performers are, but to encourage you to never miss the chance to check out the talent around your area. I had no idea these talented groups were just across the river from me. I sometimes get annoyed that I don’t live in NYC, or close to it, so I can take advantage of all the cultural opportunities offered there. I also get right down and out pissed when I hear of people that live in the Big Apple that are passing up the chances offered there. And never mind people that visit “the city that never sleeps” and don’t go see one show or visit one museum, or see one concert. There’s a place in hell reserved for them, where they will get to listen to high school productions of shows 24/7. And not just any high school shows, but real bad ones. Like REALLY BAD!

Okay, digressing again. I tend to do that.

Here I am living right across a really muddy river from a great city that has talent like these guys and I’m not jumping at every chance to see it. I think that needs to stop. I need to be checking out the scene and enjoying all of the culture that The Lou has to offer. And you need to start doing the same thing. No matter where you live. It’s there, you just need to find it and enjoy it. Only don’t push your mom down and break her ankle to get the tickets!


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