Listen to me…..No seriously, LISTEN TO ME!

You know what really grinds my gears? Well I guess a better question that would get a quicker answer is what doesn’t grind my gears. You can’t be as opinionated as I am, and not be easily riled. But for the sake of this blog let’s focus on what grinds my gears in Entertainment. Nope, that’s not going to work either. I mean I have a list pretty long there too. You know what, that’s what really takes me to a whole different level of ground gears. Why don’t people listen to me? Why not pay attention when I tell you what to watch on TV? Why do people go see movies that I have already told them are garbage? And why after thirty plus years of me ranting about Oprah’s out of control ego, does she still have a magazine, a network, a whole frigging global market?

I mean I’ve already acknowledged that I get the reason why the entire world doesn’t listen to me is because they don’t know me. Or they know me and don’t like me. My point is, why do my friends who know me, and like me, not listen to me. Okay, I don’t mean that I should be able to boss them around or anything. I don’t want to control their minds no matter how much I like the idea of World Wide Domination. But if you’re going to ask my opinion, why not take my opinion.


Case and point, two weeks ago I had a friend text me and ask me which movie he and his date should go see. His options, or at least the options he presented me with, were Jupiter Ascending, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and Kingsman: Secret Service. I immediately texted my friend back “No Brainer, Kingsman”. He texted me back “Really??” Like there was the remote chance that I could be wrong.  Shocking, because he knows me. So, because as I may have mentioned, I have opinions, I called my friend to help him make an informed decision and did not subject his date to a horrible movie; after what I was sure was already a horrible dinner, given that this friend considers Buffalo Wild Wings fine dining.

I explained to him that Kingsman: The Secret Service, was one of the most original action movies I had seen in years. The action is amazing, the special effects out of this world, the story fun and thrilling, and the acting was spot on, well except for Samuel L. Jackson, who I think goes one lisp too far. I also told him that while I had not seen the other two films, the critics were not kind to either one. Their Rotten Tomatoes scores were both well below 50, in fact both were below 25. He told me that his date wanted to see Kingsman, but he was really wanting to go see Hot Tub Time Machine 2. I told him that I thought that the original Hot Tub movie, while having its moments, was a one trick pony that used it’s trick in the first hour and didn’t even need it’s second hour let alone second movie. I then pointed out that if his date wanted to go see Kingsman, maybe….. To which he cut me off right there and said, he didn’t need dating advice from me of all people. To which all I could respond was “Touche’”.


Well to make a long story short, or at least under 1000 words…Guess who took their date to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner? Guess who went to go see Hot Tub Time Machine and hated it? Guess who doesn’t have a date this weekend? Yep all three of those are the same guy. Now I’m not saying that the reason is because he didn’t take my advice….well yes I am. I mean I have told him on more than one occasion that BDubs is not a date place. It’s a hang-out place. I told him to not go see HTTM2, that it was bad. And I told him to pay attention to his date and that would go a long way. Just because the last time I had a date Bravo was just a shout of appreciation, and not a television channel that should be ignored, doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about it.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to share my taste in films. In fact I think it would actually be a pretty dull world if everyone did. I’m glad that there are people out there that find all horror films must sees. If there weren’t we never would have had Halloween II or Silence of the Lambs. I appreciate that some people love rom-coms, even ones with McConaughey. I just want them to realize that Notting Hill is the best one ever made. And I’m glad there are Marvel flick fanatics, although I do wish they would realize that they all have the exact same story.


My point is, if you are going to ask for my opinion listen to it. And definitely don’t ignore it and then text me three days later saying, “Wow That Hot Tub movie was crap”. Ya think? Wow now my gears are grinding again! Wouldn’t yours be?


This post is part of Finish the Sentence Friday, in which writers and bloggers finish a sentence and “link up” their posts. This week’s sentence was “You wanna know what really grinds my gears…”  


8 thoughts on “Listen to me…..No seriously, LISTEN TO ME!

  1. You know I’m an Oprah fan so we will always be divided there, however, you’re right about Notting Hill. It’s top shelf. Additionally, I can’t imagine why that person even had the thought of taking a date to Hot Tub Time Machine TWO. Sure, if you want to see a bad movie on your own, go for it; but don’t drag a polite date along to that train wreck, especially after you’ve asked for and received solid advice from a knowledgeable friend. Hmph!


    • I support your right to be wrong about Oprah. Some day you’ll realize I am right. Glad to know that you appreciate Notting Hill. I even love the soundtrack. I think the next time this friend asks for my advice, I’ll give him bad advice so he’ll do the right thing.


  2. I actually like wings when they’re good but your friend so should have listened to you about the movies!!! I mean Hot Tub Time Machine TWO??? Really? Dumb. I haven’t even seen it. And I never will. I’d rather stay home and binge watch House of Cards (today).
    Thanks so much for linking up with Finish the Sentence Friday!


    • I’m almost embarrassed to acknowledge that I have friends with that level of taste in movies, however he has some redeeming qualities. I should probably also have admitted that I only say the original Hot Tub Time Machine on DVD at a friend’s house, I spent none of my own money on it. BY the way have you finished watching House of Cards? I just did, and now I want to just hibernate until next February when season 4 comes out.


  3. Okay, I can certainly understand why your friend may be dateless this weekend. Your entertainment advice was certainly correct, but the clincher would be ignoring your very proper advice of paying attention to his date. That’s most of what makes up a date night anyhow: paying attention to the woman/man. Thanks for linking up this week!!


    • Yeah you would think he would know to listen to his date. However, I can’t blame him for not wanting my dating advice. My track record on that front is really bad.


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