What’s for Sale?

I wish I had my Insurance through American Family. I don’t, I have State Farm, but I really wish I had it through American Family. Not because I think they have great insurance. I mean they might have great insurance, I have no idea. The reason I want to have American Family Insurance is so that I could drop them. The reason I would drop them is not because I have heard complaints about them. Like I already said, I have no idea about their service or coverage. Nope I would drop them because I want them to stop having enough money to pay for all the airings of that damn Jennifer Hudson commercial. Seriously, just as I typed that sentence the commercial started for the third time in the past hour.

untitled (16)

I really dislike that commercial. I really like Jennifer Hudson. Girl can sing it! I think I even phone voted for her a few times when she was on American Idol. I also like the idea of offering a lot of unknown artists their big break. I’m an unknown. I wish someone would offer me a big break. However, in that 30 second commercial we aren’t seeing enough of these unknowns to even know if they really have much talent. I even used to like that song. But, I think just since the first airing of the commercial during the Superbowl I have heard that song more than I have heard about the bass or going to church.

But seriously, what are they selling in that commercial. Dreams? You can buy dreams? Why didn’t anyone tell me that you could buy dreams? Let me look into that!

Nope, I just googled it…..you can’t buy dreams. You can buy the word “dreams” in all kinds of fonts and surfaces, but the actual dreams are things that you have to work for. So again, I ask what is American Family selling with that commercial? Do you know anybody who switched insurance because Jennifer Hudson can belt a great tune? If not, do you really want to know someone who would?  It just doesn’t make sense.

You know, I think that is why I like House of Cards on Netflix. No commercials. Well that and the storytelling, and the acting, and Kevin Spacey’s Carolina accent, and Robin Wright and that hair. But yeah, another plus is no dream selling by American Family Insurance.


2 thoughts on “What’s for Sale?

  1. And that’s exactly why I try and keep my tv viewing to Downton Abbey and not much more. GAH! I so dislike commercial. Okay, maybe Superbowl ones, but only during the Superbowl.


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