Monday’s Musings

So every Monday I plan on postings my thoughts on a few of the top pop culture stories from the past week. Just my musings that make me think and maybe chuckle.


Justin Bieber turned 21 yesterday.

First of all, you mean to tell me that this thing hasn’t been a teenage for over a year? Why does he get to keep acting like a spoiled one? Secondly, how does he get to share a birthday with Javier Bardeem, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Lupita Nyongo, Ron Howard, Tim Daly, David Niven, Lana Wood, and Harry Belafonte. Oh never mind, they were all born before him, so by the time he was born all the talent given away for that day was already taken.


Lupita Nyongo’s pearl Oscar dress is stolen and then returned because the pearls were fakes.

Wait there was something at the Oscars that was fake? Well besides half of the bodies and relationships.


ABC announces that How to Get Away with Murder has been renewed for a second season!

I can’t speak for anybody else but I’m glad they announced it, I was so scared that it wouldn’t be. Okay no I wasn’t. Of course it was going to be renewed. Shonda Rhymes just proved to the world she knows how to get away with murder. Who at ABC wanted to risk not renewing it? Duh!


Dakota Johnson does an ISIS spoof on Saturday Night Live and everyone is upset with her.

We’re not upset with her for Fifty Shades of Grey, but mocking a Honda ad and, oh my gosh, we must all hate her?


Kris Jenner signs 100 million dollar deal with E! Network.

Seriously? The Kardashian clan gets $100 million for being annoying on national television. I can find 100 people who will be willing to do that for $500,000.


Graham Moore, Oscar winning writer for The Imitation Game is not gay.

Everyone assumed he was since during his acceptance speech he said he attempted suicide when he was 16 because he was different. Obviously the only kind of different there is at sixteen is gay? Wow, there is something seriously wrong with that picture.


Facebook explodes over a picture of a dress.

The dress is apparently blue and black but some people think it is white and gold, because it looks white and gold in a certain light and on certain phones and to certain people, but black and blue to other people , in a different light on a different phone. This was like a whole day thing on facebook in ‘Merica? Homeland Security funding almost didn’t get resolved, but thankfully we all know the dress was really ugly. We truly are the greatest country!


Focus is top grossing movie of the weekend with only 19.1 million.

Will Smith makes a movie that isn’t a box office hit? Well, actually he hasn’t made one that has been in a while, so there is no news here, I just wanted to deflate his ego just a little bit more!


Netflix releases season three of House of Cards.

Then the south and midwest gets hit with snow storm that forces people to stay home and binge it all weekend. Well really let’s face reality, everyone was going to stay home and watch it anyway, but now they could do it without having to admit they secretly enjoyed the havoc that the Underwoods heap on Washington DC!


Leonard Nimoy, the one and only true Spock, passes away at 83.

I have nothing snarky to say to this. I just need to acknowledge that we lost an icon.


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