The Cost of a Ticket

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I can’t believe how much it costs to see bad movies. I mean like really bad movies. I don’t mind going to the theatre and paying $10.00 to see a good movie. Heck I’d even pay a little more than that to see a real good movie like Kingsman: The Secret Service. But come on they want me to pay $10.00 to go see Jupiter Ascending. Based on the trailers alone, I’m not even willing to pay the $6.00 early bird price.

Here’s the deal, if I go to McDonalds I pay $1.29 for a cruddy little hamburger, and if I want a better quality burger I’ll go to Culver’s and get a Butterburger for $2.79. At Red Robin I’m willing to pay over $8.00 for a real good burger, as long as I don’t have to hear that Red Robin commercial jingle. And if I’m ever in Vegas I’ve got no issue paying $13.00 for a Gordon Ramsay hamburger at BurGR! It would be worth even more if I got to hear Gordon bloody well yell at the chef while eating it. So basically prices are based on quality. The better quality the burger, the more we are willing to pay.

Why can’t we figure out some way to charge the same thing for movies? I mean come on they know before the movie hits the theatre if it’s any good. They really do. That’s why sometimes they won’t even release a film for early reviews. For example anyone that tells you that the producers thought they had a high quality product in the can when they shipped out the prints for Fifty Shades of Grey they are lying. I mean seriously even the star’s mom won’t go and see it. And don’t believe her when she says it’s because of the sexual content……Melanie Griffith married Don Johnson TWICE, she’s not some paragon of virtue.

Heck, in all reality they know when they get the script if they have the makings of a good movie, and then when they cast it, they know for sure. For all we know they use the casting as their real way of telling the quality of a film. Let’s say it’s a film with a nice juicy role for an actress in her 40’s or 50s. They offer the film first to Meryl or Julianne, if they turn it down they know it’s not the best script ever. Then they go to Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman, if they turn it down then they know the script isn’t perfect. Now they are working their way down the list, maybe they try Julia Roberts or Annette Benning, and if they turn it down then they know they can’t release the movie during Oscar Season. At this point they are starting to check out the top of the line TV talent, let’s say Robin Wright or Allison Janney, and if they can’t get them, well let’s face it, it’s a movie featuring a woman in her 40’s……they’re scrapping the entire project. But you get the idea, right?

So maybe they could fix their prices based on the quality of stars in the film, just like restaurants do with their burgers. After all a McDonald’s hamburger may be 100% beef, but it’s not low fat content beef like a Gordon Ramsay burger is. Here’s my thoughts on how we might start pricing movie tickets, using current movies in theatres today:

Movie with a Wannabe Actor/Actress – $2.00

Examples: Jupiter Ascending (Mila Kunis), The Lazarus Effect (Olivia Wilde)

Movie with a Rising Star  – $4.00

Example: The DUFF (Mae Whitman) ’71 (Jack O’Connell)

Movie with an Established Star – $8.00

Example: Focus (Will Smith), American Sniper (Bradley Cooper)

Movie with Julianne Moore, Colin Firth or Meryl Streep – $12.00

Movie with Julianne Moore, Colin Firth AND Meryl Streep – The Skies the Limit

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So what do you think? Wouldn’t you rather buy your movie tickets like that?


This post was in response to the Finish the Sentence Friday prompt, “I can’t believe how much it costs to,” hosted by Kristi of Finding Ninee and co-hosted this week by Kerri of The Latchkey Mom, Kelly of Diagnosed and Still Ok, and Anna of Fit Funner.


15 thoughts on “The Cost of a Ticket

  1. I like your plan. I’d pay big bucks to see Colin Firth in anything. Anything at all. I even sat through that horrible movie he made with Amanda Bynes (shudder). But then I watched him in Valmont and everything was all better.

    Welcome to Finish the Sentence Friday!


  2. What a great idea! That’s one of the reasons that I don’t go to see movies right when they come out. I wait a bit, try to figure out what the buzz is, and then decide whether it is worth the cost to see it in the theatre (which includes not just the ticket price, but for us also the cost of a baby sitter!). Most of the time I have to settle for waiting for the movie to come around on video on the internet. Thanks for posting!


    • Anna,
      I’m a movie junkie so I go see so many movies but I am very selective about what movies I go and see and when I go and see them. I wouldn’t say I follow my proposal exactly, but if a trailer alone makes me groan there is no way I ma paying the full night time price. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about the cost of a babysitter and all the other things that parents have to worry about.


  3. I love this and totally agree! I almost did the cost of a movie. I have four kids and to take the family to a movie (and we always go tot the morning sows) is unbelievable. Even with sneaking food in!


    • Wow, four kids must break you when you want to go see a show, either buying their tickets or finding a babysitter for a show you want to see on your own. I’m guessing you see most shows after they are released on DVD or digital format, and that can break you too.


  4. I think this idea makes perfect sense. It’s so disappointing to go spend money on a movie and then realize that it’s just not good. I love movies but so often these days, I wait until they come to cable. Sigh. This makes me want to see a really good movie. And find out what in the world a butterburger is because sounds amazing. Thanks so much for joining Finish the Sentence Friday!


    • Kristi, I should probably wait for a lot of the movies I go see to come out on cable or digital format, but I just can’t help myself. I’m kind of an addict, so its hard for me to drive by a multiplex….way too many options. And as far as butterburgers go….OMG…..fortunately I gave up beef a few years ago or I wouldn’t be able to drive by a Culver’s either. It’s a chain that started in Wisconsin and is making their way through the Midwest. They also have the most amazing deep fried cheese curds.


  5. Yes – I like this idea. I’d pay premium to see Denzel Washington!

    So speaking of seeing bad movies… did you see Birdman? I’d love to know what you thought about it. I’d like a refund and I saw it for free. Still can’t believe it won best picture!


    • I did see Birdman. It wasn’t my favorite movie of the year, and I didn’t think it deserved to win, but I didn’t hate it. The acting was good. I really like Emma Watson, Edward Norton and Michael Keaton. The idea of a movie being one long shot was ambitious so I gave them kudos for that. The story thought was way to self indulgent, “Actors have feelings and are misunderstood”. Which is why it won the Oscar.


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